Being a caregiver is a stressful and demanding job, often with no pay and no thanks. There is usually very little, if any opportunity to plan as often it starts after a crisis medical event. The well-being of the caregiver requires priority consideration. Let’s face it, if you are not well, they won’t be well.
Here are 9 Must Do's:
  1. Educate. Know your loved one’s health issues. Learn as much as you can
  2. Accept. Do not take behavior changes personally. It is not about you
  3. Be Resourceful. Do what you can with what you got
  4. Be Realistic. Plant both of your feet in reality and in the present
  5. Get Help. Seek professional help whenever necessary. You WILL need help
  6. Get More Help. DO ask for help. It may seem hard now but you need it, they are willing. It’s a win-win
  7. Delegate. Share your concerns and responsibilities with other interested parties
  8. Rest. Know your limits. Take breaks when you need to, if not physically then at least mentally
  9. Smile. Laugh through the tears
Take care of yourself 
Because You Care



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